Covid Safety Awareness and Researcher Resilience

This course aims to provide support and develop personal and professional confidence in living and working in these unprecedented times. The emphasis is on safety awareness, facilitating positive and preventive behaviours and identifying potential risks to help navigate day-to-day living and working environments. Progress both personal, professional and research specific aims through a series of strategies and tools to enhance confidence and resilience.

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PDF (159KMB) | DOCX (485KB) | PDF (853KB)

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Covid Safety Awareness and Researcher Resilience - Accompanying Podcasts

We recognise that not everyone wishes to complete a full course and wants a certificate. If you would like access to the information without entering the full course and do not need a certificate, the podcast extracts from the course can be accessed here. Alternatively, the full course, workbook, option for a certificate can be accessed by clicking the ‘download now’ button opposite ⬅